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Gift Guide Day #5

Gift GuideHolidays

I have been fortunate to grow up in a family that traveled. While I’ve barely been overseas, I have been to all 50 states. My mom and dad have as well. My sister is still missing 2 states. Since my husband and I started dating we have been to 16 states together. My husband and my father are extremely difficult to shop for. Every year for my dad (for Christmas, Birthdays, and Father’s Day) we get him a gift card to Barnes and Nobel or REI. It is SOOO boring. And I’m usually at a loss for my hubby. Last year I thought it would be fun to get them gifts that had meaning. So I got my husband a scratch map of the US and scratched the states we have been to together. I bought a frame from Michaels and that was the gift.

(PC: Uncommon Goods – $28.95)

The picture above is from Uncommon Goods where I purchased the map. I quite enjoyed scratching the states that we’ve been to together. It took me a lot longer than I care to admit. Also, not quite as fun as scratch tickets when you win, so there’s that.

(PC: Uncommon Goods – $28.95)

(PC: Uncommon Goods – $35.95)

I bought the bottom world map for my dad. It’s the deluxe map. Not sure what the differences are between both world maps. My dad travels internationally frequently for work. He has been to every continent with the exception of Antarctica. I thought it would be fun to scratch off all the places he has been and so he could have a visual of where he has traveled. I am grateful he hasn’t been to Russia yet. When or if he ever goes he can scratch that himself. That did take me a very long time. I put it in a nice frame and my parents put it in their office. I think it was a hit. Don’t worry, I also got him the same old boring Barnes and Nobel gift card. I love books, but the same gift for every holiday for the past 20-25 years gets old.

Gifts don’t always need to be pricey to be a great gift. The gifts that have meaning are the ones that are treasured. For me, it was fun seeing all the places my dad has been and learned that he has been more places than I realized. It’s also fun to see the places my husband and I have been to together. I am thinking about getting a second USA map to mark all the places my husband, daughter and I have been together.

Gift Guide Day #4

Gift GuideHolidays

There are 2 ways I like to do this gift. You can mix it up to your personal preferences. I like to give this to guys typically. They are so difficult to buy for, so I put together something fun and that they would actually like. I got the popcorn holders at Target as well as the movies. I think the movies were $5 a piece. I got the popcorn book and kernels from Crate & Barrel. There is also a little tea towel that has a popcorn design on it, which I think pulls it all together and is super cute. This is a stay at home, movie night gift. You can add the old fashioned soda bottles and/or include some yummy snacks.

Another way you could gift a movie night, is by getting some goodies that you can take to the movies and actual movie tickets or a movie gift card. I got the movie tickets at Costco, since they are less expensive. I got these popcorn holders at Target as well. Then I filled the popcorn containers with lots of candy and added some boxes of candy. Since snacks are pricey, we like to get boxes of candy before going to the theatre. Bring the big purse ladies! $4 for a teeny tiny box of candy is not right!

Once again, these gifts can be mixed up to what you think the present receiver will like. You can add some nail polish, magazines and Rom Com’s if you are giving this to one of your girlfriends when she is sick or sad. I feel like whichever fun treats you want to include in this gift will always be greatly appreciated!

Gift Guide Day #3

Gift GuideHolidays

Once again I stock up on goodies throughout the year so that I always have a gift on hand. My mom has done this ever since I can remember and I think it’s great to be prepared. You never know when you’ll get a last minute invite to a party, or if you remembered it’s your friends birthday..on their birthday!

This gift includes: soap, lotion, a necklace, a matching bracelet and a grey scarf. I stock up on lotion and soap when I’m checking out at Michaels. I always get several lotions and bubble baths when there is a sale at Bath & Body Works when you can get each one for $3 each. I love a yummy scented lotion. Zulily usually has great deals on jewelry and scarves. You can find cute bracelets for $6-$7. I get necklaces for around $10 and the scarves usually are under $10. I don’t feel like I’m cheap, rather I’m thrifty. My mom also taught me not to pay full price for things. I completely agree.

The best times to stock up on items if after the holidays. People are wanting to get rid of everything and move onto the next season, this is when you can get a good bargain. You’ll have to really look at some places, but it can be worth it. Especially if it is holiday themed, but an item that doesn’t expire. I usually give this gift or something very similar to my girlfriends for birthdays and Christmas. I don’t always try and match up the jewelry with the lotion, but it worked out well in this case.

Gift Guide Day #2

Gift GuideHolidays

I stock up on things that I think could be used for gifts throughout the year. Some of my favorite places to shop from are Zulily and Target. Both have fantastic sales, so that makes stocking up easy and doesn’t break the bank.

Adult coloring books are popular right now. I got several on Zulily and Amazon. There were some on Zulily that were fancier and for calming or relaxation and ranged between $7-$10 per book. I got several on Amazon for $4-$6 per book. For the Amazon price I bought about 15 books that I can give throughout the year when I need a quick, but cute gift. I got the markers and colored pencils from Hobby Lobby and were around $4 a piece. I have also stocked up on colored pencils from Target and Michaels. You can add soaps or lotions to the gift if you think it’s too simple. So far, the friends that I’ve given the coloring books to seem to love them.

Just grab some tissue paper and a cute gift bag and you’re all set. I am not a gifted present wrapper, so gift bags are easy and difficult to mess up. You could even wrap the Coloring books and then take the colored pencils out of the box and tie them on top with a pretty bow.

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