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Christmas Traditions


It’s always fun to have little family traditions to help make the holidays seem jolly. It’s something people can count on and look forward to. My best friend shared with me one of her family traditions. She said that each year she asked her children to pick out their own wrapping paper. All their gifts will be wrapped in the paper they picked out. She keeps extra paper and puts it on an ornament so that each year there is a captured memory to be placed on their tree. I think this is such a lovely idea and am going to start making this a tradition in my house.

Another yearly tradition that I enjoy happens at my church. Every year for our Christmas service the congregation sings¬†“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” They have all the men, young and old, come up to the front of the church and they sing this song to the women. It sounds simple, but it’s so sweet. Of course my husband makes a beeline for the back of the crowd so no one can see him.

If anyone reading this has a favorite Christmas tradition, please feel free to comment on yours. So I can possibly copy some other lovely traditions!

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