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Ornament Decorating Party


There are so many party ideas that you can throw during the holiday season. I don’t want to gain 3 million pounds by having tons of baking parties so I thought it would be fun to do a craft. There was food there, and not super healthy, but delicious. And I was more focused on decorating than eating. One of my best friends invited some of her co-workers and our former co-workers over. We had a group of 7 adults and we also had a white elephant gift exchange.

For holiday get-togethers you don’t need a heavy spread. We just served light appetizers. We had cookies, baby cupcakes, spinach artichoke dip, homemade bread, cheese, carrots and celery. For the ornaments I got my supplies at Hobby Lobby. I bought clear ornaments. Then I got glitter, sequins, spray glue, glue pens, some holiday themed cut-outs, puff paint, and random decorations that could be put into the ornaments.

Pinterest ideas can be extremely misleading. Putting glitter inside the ornaments was more difficult than it should have been. We¬†put the spray glue inside the ornaments and swirled it around, then put glitter inside and shook that around until it coated the entire ornament. Not easy. This took a long time and several layers to get the glitter to look the way I wanted it too. Sticking sequins on the outside of the ornaments just became this big ‘ol mess. Plus, I am not artistic enough for that. It did not look good. If you are artistic and have a steady hand go right along and decorate those ornaments. My vision in my head for decorations did not go past my head.

The process wasn’t clean. How I wanted to decorate them didn’t turn out. But I had fun. It appeared that everyone else was having a good time as well. There was lots of laughter and good company. Plus, everyone got to take home their ornaments. So you get an activity and party favor all in one! I’m happy with the 4 I did make. I’d call the party a success. You can also do this with little ones, but I used glass ornaments so I needed to assist and supervise my 2 year old. But she was pleased with herself for helping.

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Feast


Not every holiday party needs to be decked out with your finest tableware and decorations. Some of the best parties are the simple ones. As long as you have good company, any party should be a hit.

I love this time of year. The holidays are becoming more magical since I have a little one. We can watch all the holiday movies together to help get us in the spirit. And Charlie Brown is a classic.

With the new Charlie Brown movie coming out I thought this would be the perfect time to have our own Charlie Brown feast. I was talking with my sister the other day and told her if she came over I would give her popcorn and jelly beans. She said it would be just like CB Thanksgiving. That gave me an idea to have a little CB picnic of my own.

I’m sure several of people have had their own CB Thanksgiving meal. If they haven’t, they probably should. I remember watching the show when I was little and actually thinking the meal that snoopy prepared was appetizing. I don’t think most kids are into regal meals. I know my 2 year-old would gladly eat a meal of pretzels and jelly beans. Who could blame her?

(Image from Google)

I covered our coffee table with a tablecloth in our living room. My husband did the grocery shopping for this one. He picked up the popcorn, pretzels and jelly beans. I just needed to make the toast and serve it all up on “fancy” aka paper plates. Makes cleanup a breeze.

My daughter had 2 of her buddies come over for the picnic. While eating their feast they watched a CB Thanksgiving. A perfect snack for a perfect cartoon. I think we will start making this a pre-Thanksgiving tradition. If you have little ones, I do hope that you have your own Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Snoopy was really onto something here!

Photo Credit: The Berry

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