Ways to get into the Winter Spirit


It almost hit 70 degrees here today. Not very wintery if you ask me. While it is nice to have such gorgeous weather; it doesn’t help to get me into the Christmas spirit. No matter where you live there are some fun ways to get into the Winter/Christmas Spirit.

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One of my favorite ways to get excited for the holidays is to watch my favorite Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music. So blast the Christmas tunes while getting ready for work or while doing chores. If you have a minute to yourself, put on Christmas Vacation, Elf, or White Christmas! Cover yourself with a fluffy blanket, sip some hot chocolate, and turn on the fireplace.

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Since the days are shorter, pack the kiddos in the car, once again grab some hot chocolate or apple cider, listen to Christmas music or sing carols and drive around neighborhoods admiring all the pretty lights.

This time of year can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. It supposed to be about family, the birth of Jesus and appreciating what we already have. Instead of stressing about making a bazillion cookies for the entire neighborhood do something that brings a smile to your face. It doesn’t have to cost a thing.

Speaking of appreciating what we already have, I will be posting gift ideas for the next several days. Yes we should appreciate what we already have, and I do. I love giving gifts, so does my mom and we are going to share some of our gift ideas with you!

Beautiful Christmas Decorations
Gift Guide Day #1

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