Gift Guide Day #4

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There are 2 ways I like to do this gift. You can mix it up to your personal preferences. I like to give this to guys typically. They are so difficult to buy for, so I put together something fun and that they would actually like. I got the popcorn holders at Target as well as the movies. I think the movies were $5 a piece. I got the popcorn book and kernels from Crate & Barrel. There is also a little tea towel that has a popcorn design on it, which I think pulls it all together and is super cute. This is a stay at home, movie night gift. You can add the old fashioned soda bottles and/or include some yummy snacks.

Another way you could gift a movie night, is by getting some goodies that you can take to the movies and actual movie tickets or a movie gift card. I got the movie tickets at Costco, since they are less expensive. I got these popcorn holders at Target as well. Then I filled the popcorn containers with lots of candy and added some boxes of candy. Since snacks are pricey, we like to get boxes of candy before going to the theatre. Bring the big purse ladies! $4 for a teeny tiny box of candy is not right!

Once again, these gifts can be mixed up to what you think the present receiver will like. You can add some nail polish, magazines and Rom Com’s if you are giving this to one of your girlfriends when she is sick or sad. I feel like whichever fun treats you want to include in this gift will always be greatly appreciated!

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