Gift Guide Day #3

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Once again I stock up on goodies throughout the year so that I always have a gift on hand. My mom has done this ever since I can remember and I think it’s great to be prepared. You never know when you’ll get a last minute invite to a party, or if you remembered it’s your friends birthday..on their birthday!

This gift includes: soap, lotion, a necklace, a matching bracelet and a grey scarf. I stock up on lotion and soap when I’m checking out at Michaels. I always get several lotions and bubble baths when there is a sale at Bath & Body Works when you can get each one for $3 each. I love a yummy scented lotion. Zulily usually has great deals on jewelry and scarves. You can find cute bracelets for $6-$7. I get necklaces for around $10 and the scarves usually are under $10. I don’t feel like I’m cheap, rather I’m thrifty. My mom also taught me not to pay full price for things. I completely agree.

The best times to stock up on items if after the holidays. People are wanting to get rid of everything and move onto the next season, this is when you can get a good bargain. You’ll have to really look at some places, but it can be worth it. Especially if it is holiday themed, but an item that doesn’t expire. I usually give this gift or something very similar to my girlfriends for birthdays and Christmas. I don’t always try and match up the jewelry with the lotion, but it worked out well in this case.

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