Gift Guide Day #2

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I stock up on things that I think could be used for gifts throughout the year. Some of my favorite places to shop from are Zulily and Target. Both have fantastic sales, so that makes stocking up easy and doesn’t break the bank.

Adult coloring books are popular right now. I got several on Zulily and Amazon. There were some on Zulily that were fancier and for calming or relaxation and ranged between $7-$10 per book. I got several on Amazon for $4-$6 per book. For the Amazon price I bought about 15 books that I can give throughout the year when I need a quick, but cute gift. I got the markers and colored pencils from Hobby Lobby and were around $4 a piece. I have also stocked up on colored pencils from Target and Michaels. You can add soaps or lotions to the gift if you think it’s too simple. So far, the friends that I’ve given the coloring books to seem to love them.

Just grab some tissue paper and a cute gift bag and you’re all set. I am not a gifted present wrapper, so gift bags are easy and difficult to mess up. You could even wrap the Coloring books and then take the colored pencils out of the box and tie them on top with a pretty bow.

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