Beautiful Christmas Decorations


My mom should have a decorating book or magazine. Since she doesn’t I get to share her impeccably gorgeous and festive house. As I’ve said and will always say, she is so stylish and creative. This is where I get my mom inspiration from.

You can add little touches of Christmas cheer by placing Santa’s or Christmas trees on side tables, chests, on top of a chair that is mainly there for decoration or on a coffee table. It doesn’t have to be over the top, but adding a few holiday specific decorations throughout your house can pull everything together.

Try and group your decorations in odd numbers. Odd number groupings appear to look more appealing. When things are in odd numbers it ends up looking more professional.

If you have a specific theme you want to follow for your decorations, tend to keep similar things together. Christmas trees should be grouped with other Christmas trees. The Santa’s should be grouped with the Santa’s, etc. Do this if you have a collection. If you just have a few Santa items, than you can mix them up with other decorations.

As seen in the above photo, there is a table that is designated for Christmas tree decorations. In the butlers pantry there is a mixture of Christmas trees, a santa, and pinecones and holly.

Above the fireplace the Byers Carolers are displayed. This room looks like it could be in a magazine, or on the cover of one. It’s also good to have special collectables up high, especially if you have little children or little grandchildren.

You can get a few large Santa’s or trees and place them around the house. Or you can also get miniature pre-lit Christmas trees and place them around the house on side tables for a quick and easy way to decorate.

Another quick and simple way to decorate for the holidays, while still making your house look regal is placing ornaments into a glass bowl. You can place these all over the house or on the middle of coffee tables for a little pop of color. If you have space in your kitchen for a small tree you can put all kitchen related ornaments on the tree. My mom’s tree in the kitchen has colander ornaments, little gingerbread men, and Starbuck cups; which is a cute way to tie in your kitchen and Christmas.

There is no right or wrong way to decorate your house for the holidays. You can decorate in themes, have an eclectic variety of decorations, or very minimalistic. Your house should make you feel welcomed and at home. I like to decorate most of my house simply because it reminds me of my childhood. Decorating should be fun and not feel stressful or overwhelming; if it does then you probably need to simplify. Or pay someone to do it for you! Happy Holidays!

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